Commute #6: June

Again, did my split commute - riding home Wednesday then back in to work Thursday am. On the way home Wednesday I ran dual odometer systems - the Garmin versus my new Italian Flag design Cateye Padrone. Since the Garmin is only good for 10-12 hours and I don't want to have to worry about charging it for the N24HC, I'm going to "old-school" non-satellite technology for the sake of longevity. Surprisingly enough, each was off about .01 miles (a tenth of a block) pretty consistently, but sometimes up to .04. But then the Garmin would catch back up. In the end, it proved to be really accurate, so no further tweaking necessary. My ride home was within minutes of my fastest time ever. Surprising, since I'd been dealing with allergies or a sinus cold for a week and really wasn't feeling up to riding.

On the way in on Thursday I was relieved to see my guy with old dog out for a walk near Rockford. I didn't see them last time, I feared that the old pup finally passed on to join his brother/sister who died last year. So they were out, still walking, good to see them. Then, also apparently, I missed the memo about Thursday mornings being the morning that parent geese take their new children out for a morning walk on the trail. Three families each with 6-7 goslings just stood around and looked at me as I cruised past. Only one goose hissed at me. So I did what is pretty reasonable I think...I hissed back.

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