Commute #2: February

Five and a half hours into February 2016, I found myself pedaling my way to work. This was for sure going to be the warmest morning at 34 degrees this week, with a high of near 40 by evening.

Guessing as much as the trail would be more clear than last week when it snowed, and getting about .25" of rain over the weekend, I decided to stage my car at 12mile road instead of downtown Rockford. (extra 2 miles each way).

Upon entering the staging area, I found the entire parking lot to be solid ice. Attempting to dismount my vehicle, one foot out the door and firmly planted on the icy ground, I went down without as much as even standing upright. ha ha! I forgot that plastic shoe soles don't like fresh ice. I eventually (carefully) got my bike off the rack and walked slowly to the trial.

Riding started off good, more ice than I was expecting. I soon saw the guy and dog that I often see on my commutes (for 3-4 years now?) approaching within the first mile. I slowed down and chat with him a bit. He walks the trail with his dog every weekday morning. He used to have two dogs and the one he had with him was looking very old. It was confused by my bright headlight. After a few pleasantries, I was off again riding.

The ride in was actually way more treacherous than last week. All I could figure was that all the rain from the weekend had washed existing snow onto the trail and froze overnight. I don't think I'm racist, but the white ice was sure easier to spot than the black ice. I found myself sliding around on the bike more than last week, and it sure seemed colder than the temperature suggested.

The ride home was great. Almost 40 degrees and I was surprised that the trail was 98% clear of all ice and snow. It was tough to just manage a steady pace of 14mph with those studded tires. I was plenty tired when I got home. Tonight's reward dinner: Ground Turkey Tacos. (sorry, no pictures).

Now the weather can do whatever it wants for the next 4-6 weeks while I wait for the March deadline to roll around.

 Scene of where there was a "man down!" sighting.

The lot when I got back in the evening. All still very slick, most of it turning to mush. Tomorrow morning is going to be a rutted out, bumpy mess. Glad I will not be there to see it.

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