Final 2015 Ride and 2016 Goals "Year40"

Headed out to Luton for one last 2015 ride on the trails. I have never hit the trails so late in the year. I have ridden later in the year, but only on roads. It's been unseasonably warm and it wasn't until just a day or so before this ride that it started to really get cold. With snow, wind and freezing rain coming this week, don't think I can squeeze in one more ride before 2016.

Some hard winds about 3 days prior pushed down quite a few trees. This was one of the biggest. I was surprised that the trail was all cleaned up and ridable.

It was a nice (freezing) day for a ride. Trail was perfect. 34 degrees with a 10mph breeze. As usual, the first 10 minutes is brutal until everything warms up. Lots of runners on the trail too.

There are some goals I'm trying to meet for 2016. I'm coining the year as "Year40", as I turn 40 years old in April. Time to do some amazing things, here are a few of my goals in no particular order:

Ride a total of 2,000 miles
Ride the N24HC (National 24 Hour Challenge)
Lose 30 lbs, get to the 200lb mark
One Day Ride to Sturgis from my house (approx 120-130 miles)
Ride to work and back once a month for each of the 12 months
Run a 10k with Patti

I don't know how many of these I can make happen, but they're on the list so I have to at least give them a good try. With Patti going to school full-time, spare time has been hard to come by. I've been trying to get to the gym twice a week for the last month. The good news is that its actually happened for the most part. My available time period to hit the gym is between 5:30-7:00 am, so that means getting to bed early is critical so my alarm can go off at 4:15.

Wish me luck!!

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