Wow, I guess it's been 7 months since I've posted to my dead blog page. A few things happened last fall, let me recap briefly:

Rode Merrell Trail for the first time. Fun, but not terribly impressed.
Rode a small section of Cannonsburg Ski Hill. Miss that place.
Blew out my shoulder (dislocated it) riding a Jet Ski. Got to visit the fine people at Grayling Hospital.
Rode with the kids a lot to gain back confidence in shoulder.
Rode the Tour de Donut with my mom - where we didn't finish dead last (and she crashed into me.)
Rode a section of the White Pine in the first ever Memorial ride (since the ride is defunct now)
Rode to Pando to watch fellow Rapid Wheelmen race the Classic.
Rode around the MetroHealth Marathon as a spectator, in which my wife was running.
Raced in the Lowell50. Got lost. DNF.
Rode to Luton Park and back. My one and only ride there in 2014. Sad. Pathetic. Depressing. Did I say sad?
Raced in Iceman. Got extremely muddy and frozen. Flatted out. DNF.
Rode to work and back 4 times.

There you have it. On with 2015, I say. The hell with 2014.

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