New Ride: KITT

On Wednesday, April 16 I got a text message from one, Matt Remus. He was asking (short-notice) if I could take Thursday, April 24 off from work so we can do some power-riding. He was leaving his job of almost 10 years Wednesday and wanted to mark the occasion by riding bikes Thursday. I said "sure!" It was rare timing in that my wife didn't have to work the previous night, work has been slower than usual and they're asking everyone to burn up their vacation before the end of our fiscal year.

In less than 3 hours later from that text and commitment, I had put money down on a new bike. Matt decided that our mode of riding would be off-road and since the $3200 Cannondale F29 Carbon was (again) not in my budget, I had been eyeing cyclocross bikes instead. Cannondale just came out with some nice entry level aluminum cyclocross bikes with road disc brakes. And, at less than half the price of the MTB I was dreaming of, I was sold! GR Bicycle Company happened to be running a week-long sale. Could the timing have been more perfect? Riding with a great friend, a day off from work....on a brand new bike.

His name: KITT. After David Hasslehof's 1980's black back-sass talking TransAm. Let me tell you something about me and bikes. As a kid I was totally into cars (and still kind of am). I used to pretend when ripping around on my bikes that I was any of my television idols, driving their cars. Three of my most recent bikes have been named after cars: The General Lee (R.I.P old friend), my road bike, Enzo (after Ferrari, since it's color is very similar to Ferrari red) and now K.I.T.T., Sexy black.

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