Barry-Roubaix Recon

Fun ride yesterday with 11 fellow Rapid Wheelmen and one Matt Longest. We departed downtown Hastings, MI at 9am to pre-ride the 2013 Barry-Roubaix course. We had to bypass some two-track sections as they were still very iced and snowed over. Hopefully with the warm-up forecasted for this week and some rain, it will be passable on race day.

Much of the ride in the early stages was on frozen mud and ice. As the day went on, things thawed out a bit, some of us got pretty muddy. The ruts were hard to navigate, because they looked soft, but were still frozen. I had a tough time keeping up after the 25 mile mark, the hills were killer, legs soft from not working out enough during winter.

It was good to get out and ride though. I needed a kick in the pants. Work has been really stressful, riding helps me a lot get some angst out.

Oh yeah, I had my first hill-billy run-in of the season. We were in the middle of no where, I heard this truck coming up behind me and so I moved over to the left side of the road and waved him through. Yes, it is the wrong side of the road, but we were out in god's country and there were others already standing near there. He cruises up with window rolled down, the drunk bastard says:

Me: "yup, thanks I'm fine."
Me: "okay, thank you."

Then he did his tough-act by peeling out on the ice/dirt in his crappy pick-up and was gone. Idiot, go have another wiskey-sour!

Post-ride 9 of us hung out at Walldorff's Brew Pub - food and beer was great, service was horribly slow. I have a feeling that place and the rest of Hastings has NO IDEA what is coming their way in two weeks: almost 3,000 riders, plus family, volunteers and spectators.

12 members of Rapid Wheelmen Race Team:
Dan, Susanne, Eric, Beth, (peeking from back) Dennis, Joel, me, John, Josh, Jeff, Jerry, Dave Durkee.

Typical road conditions and scenery.
 This shot was accidential.

 Few of us waiting for others during the ride.

 Me and my fluffy hair.

 Joel and his 9 beer sampler...for lunch. He didn't plan to eat, just drink. At one point someone said Joel was "three sheets to the wind" and his response was "no, maybe only two sheets".

The crew enjoying post-ride beverages.

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