Tour de Crap

Well, I had big plans to punish myself with giant hills Sunday around my parents house in Sturgis, but I didn't get to leave the house until after 11am...which made it for a very hot/humid ride.

On the plus side, I got to see the ending of the Tour de France on TV, which was cool - I've had to DVR every single stage thus far, so it was nice to see some Live footage for once. For the first 2 miles of my ride I was inspired by the footage, but once the burning sensations filled my body I came back to reality and realized I'm just a regular weekend warrior schlub.

I was feeling the effects of the heat at my turning point near Klinger Lake (9-10 mile mark of the 30 I was planning on), and I couldn't take any more hills, so I improvised and did some more flat riding just to get some miles in. Weak. Lame. Whatever. I always lose my motivation and focus when I'm riding by myself.

So instead, I rode some cobbles. Just like the frenchies.
Except, if you ride faster than 10mph on these you'll get bucked off the bike
It's hard to see, but there are wild dips in this stretch of road. In a car you shouldn't
do more than 25mph unless you're equipped with skid plates.

Then I did some commuting in the bike lane. I did a nice sprint along this stretch
trying to catch a State Trooper. I was doing a decent 28-30mph for nearly a mile, but then
I realized I probably shouldn't be going that fast because I
left my china-man hat at home (see pic).

Big block of crappy, boring riding.

Speed was all over the place depending on the terrain. I did reach a respectible
38.9mph down the last hill of the day, pedaling and in the drops. You can see my first
7 miles were riddled with hills (mountains-stage). Cadence was nice and even.
Temp was 93 by the time I got home and my head was killing me.

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