Lutonize Me

Needed to get in a longer-type-vigorous ride Tuesday as there is a race this coming weekend - Sweat Shaker in Harrison, MI.

I was w/o a front brake. Long story short, the front lever keeps losing pressure, so as I was trying to re-bleed (all local shops were too busy to squeeze a rush order in), I made the situation worse and lost ALL power to the front. Oh well, if there is a 50/50 chance that I will be racing with one brake Saturday, might as well train with one brake.

I only fell 3 times. Two were tip-overs (stupid) but the other one was a highspeeda through large left turn. Front tire slid out on the loose dirt laying on top of pavement-hard packed trial. It has been so dry here for weeks, that the trail was really squirrely and loose.

Good ride. Rode with Longest and Marty from Marty's house. Matt and I let Marty lead the pull on the way back to his house. He was pumping away at 25mph - Matt and I were just coasting behind.

Fun times. Marty almost rendered his man-parts useless by doing an X-games stunt on a bridge crossing, his front wheel slid out and he got jacked over the bars. The end of the bar caught him in the (very) upper thigh.

Excited for the race. Never been there, haven't raced in awhile. If I can rebuild my lever by Saturday and have full brake service, I'm going for gold. Takin' it to the Max. Nothing to lose.

Sorry, no stats. GarminConnect acting up again.

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