Challenger, Luton, Challenger

Nothing special to report. Rode with some fellow Rapid Wheelmen last Wednesday evening on the Challenger ride. It ended in thick darkness, good thing I brought my light. Early on I had trouble with the Garmin. Later found out that the cadence/speed sensor was sliding all around so once that was fixed I was golden.

Next was Luton x2 last Saturday am. Rode one lap by myself, then lap two with some fellow RW Dirty Team Racers. One was a full suspension tandem piloted by Dave and Mary. They are good operating that thing. There wasn't anything they couldn't get around or over. Fun to watch. Felt good and wasn't terribly wasted afterwards. Start temps were mid 30's, and two hours later it was almost mid 50's. Great morning for mountain biking!! I did skip the yellow loop on the first lap because I wasn't sure I had time to meet everyone in the parking lot. Turns out I could have cleared it easy. This coming weekend, I hope to pull a full 2 laps with no break in between.

Last night was another Challenger ride. Lots of wind and fast speeds. Spent most of the time trying to draft, but also did a few pulls up front. Seemed sluggish at times, but overall, still felt good after a good 30 medium-hard miles. Spend most of the night riding behind "snot rocket man" (Troy I think his name was). He blew snot rockets out 5 times over the course of the ride. The first one caught me off-guard and he let them loose so I got hit with his spray. From that point on, I stayed back a bit. I was going to say something to him, but didn't know him very well. It was kinda rude, but whatever...it was still a good day to ride. He was a mountain biker turned roadie, so we had some things to talk about, trails and whatnot.

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