2012 Barry-Roubaix

I was super excited going into this race. My first "official" race as being part of the Rapid Wheelmen Team. Also a bit nervous since I had only been back on the bike for a few weeks since being out of commission for awhile, but excited nonetheless. I knew I wouldn't be winning anything, but wanted to ride well enough to be happy about it.

The most riding in one "sitting" I had done was the 28 mile Recon ride of this course just the week before and we took frequent stops. I was pretty blowed up.

So, anyways I ended up pretty happy about my overall performance (never got off the bike except for the last sandy section which is pretty unrideable anyways), and never lost my head. Was good with hydration and nutrition, so I think I am confident in how to prep for races going into the future. Good thing it's very early in the race season so I have some time to get more miles under me.

Not so happy about overall time and place, but I guess it could have been worse. I could have been one of the 24 mile rider chuckle-heads out there walking up the paved hill leading to the finish. At least I wasn't that weak.

Time: 2:45:12
Place: 120 out of 129 in my age group

So, put this in the books as my first (completed) MTB race. Fine.

One row of cars with racers preparing. If you look to the left of the red guy in the road, those are "daa germannzz"... or as Remus put it "dicks". They parked right next to him and wouldn't give him the time of day, nor move out of the way when he needed access to his car. Funny.

Wave 3 view from the cluster. It was a cluster too.

The Three Musketeers.

Here you can see me actually finishing in THIRD place. (the pros finished their 62 miler at the same time I was finishing my 36 miler. FAST! At least I got to see them finish up close and personal.)

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