Blue Bomber Build

I finally got the Blue Bomber back from the bike shop on Friday. They have been waiting for 6 weeks to get the HeadShok parts in from Cannondale. Seems that they have switched (combined) all their computer systems and it was an absolute trainwreck to try and get anything shipped out from there. They were sending in tiny pieces one at a time randomly, until finally it all came in. I guess this is what happens when a once specialized company, gets bought out by a giant conglomerate - they have NO CLUE.

Anyways, it's picture time. Here are some pics of the build. Just waiting for a derailleur hanger to come in the mail, and I can finish the drivetrain and get back out on the road/trails. Getting excited! This bike feels so much more substantial than the General Lee.

This was my little corner of the world for Saturday and Sunday.

Blue Bomber clean-shaven.

This is what happens when a man does not use the proper tools to make it easy
on himself. For example, I could have used a bike stand right about now.

Blue Bomber ready for action, sans drivetrain.

Blue Bomber from head-on. It was quite the project to take the stock black hydraulic
hoses, drain them, measure, cut, route and bleed the new white brake lines.
Lots of work, confusing at times, but it's exactly the look I was going for.
Hopefully I won't crash or die due to lack of brake line pressure. More detailed pics
to come later, you will be able to see some of the meticulous actions taken to make
sure it was built "just perfect".


  1. Looks awesome Tony. I like the white hoses! Ride that thing!